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Manic 5

Design a platform for the renovation of the extern sidewall of the Manic 5 flood barrier. It should be able to lift a 20.000 lbs. load on a 23 ° sloping sidewall on one pole.

An 84 ft. long and 5 ft. large platform moving on a simple pole with a 20.000 lbs. capacity. A 15 ft. retractable footbridge to reach the sidewall at 400 ft.


Manic 5 Manic 5 Manic 5

Finite Element Analysis

The industry needs: In order to save material and time costs, GN Solutions can simulate the conception directly on screen in real conditions to check.

Analysis typical case: Analysis of the weaknesses of one piece and its security factor
After the conception of a new product, the client wants to know if his product is going to be able to resist to an applied strength to a precise point on the piece/assembly and to which level of security factor does the piece respond.

Analysis typical case: Bolt resistance
After the conception of a bolted joint, the client wants to know if the bolts are going to resist to the required load.

Analysis typical case: Fatigue of the material
Once GN Solutions is sure the piece is going to resist to a given effort, the client wants to know how many cycles it will take before the piece starts to crack.

Analysis typical case: Simulate the pieces of a moving assembly
Once the system has passed the statistical analysis, the client wants a simulation of his mechanism in motion to show it to his potential clients before production.

Analysis typical case: Weld checking
In a given assembly, the resistance of the weld beads; the software helps to plan which force could cause the breaking and where it could occur.


Finite Element Analysis Finite Element Analysis Finite Element Analysis

Miscellaneous Projects

For the sieving of the soil, GN Solutions invented a portable sieve to meet the client’s needs.

GN Solutions developed a unique in the world machine able to separate and sort inflatable balloons using only a mechanical process without air supply (compressed or vacuum).

Automotive lifting equipment
We take care of the certification of the lifting equipment of one of our clients, who is a carmaker.



Miscellaneous Projects Miscellaneous Projects Miscellaneous Projects

600T Repair Press

Problem: An aging baler needed to be updated to keep on working. Also, the baler was modified in the past and there was no plan of it. The baler would not allow an equal folding on 16 ft.

Achievement: The hydraulic system was modified to allow the 4 baler’s cylinders to work equally. Meanwhile, the client’s staff was trained for the maintenance and operation of the baler.


600T Repair Press 600T Repair Press 600T Repair Press

Mine truck

Problem: The dumpster of a haulage truck was twisting the pieces of the truck’s frame.
Achievement: Calculation of the truck’s frame and recommendations of the modifications needed were done to correct the issue.


Mine truck Mine truck Mine truck

Safety of machinery

Context: After an inspection from the Ontario Ministry of Labour, the client’s equipment had been locked up.

Contract: Inspect the client’s equipment according to the current standards; make some recommendations in order to make them conform and defend the client’s best interests towards the authorities, so his equipment can start producing again.


Safety of machinery Safety of machinery Safety of machinery

Lifting equipment

Context: After a court order to repair his equipment, the client had to hire someone to supervise the work done on his lifting equipment.

Work: Supervise the work done by the technicians in lifting equipment to make sure the work is done properly. If the work was not done, or poorly done, the court had to be advised.


Lifting equipment Lifting equipment Lifting equipment