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GN-SOLUTIONS offers quality services, backed by proven expertise.


Selection of products or equipment
GN Solutions Inc. recommends products or equipment according to the performance criterion required for the application.

Implementation of equipment
GN Solutions make recommendations so that the equipment can be implemented according to the client’s criterion and to the applicable standards.

Process improvement
GN Solutions Inc. makes prior necessary studies to meet the client’s request according to the required criterions. GN Solutions can make recommendations to maximize the process, taking into account financial and quality factors, as well as the availability.



Solutions to technical problems
Identify and solve the specific or repetitive technical problems on the mechanical equipment, such as conveyor belts, fans, etc.

Maintenance planning
Prepare the documents needed for the planning of the stoppages for the maintenance of the equipment.

Maintenance management
Assist the supervision of the maintenance of the plant to effectively manage the maintenance department.

Selecting the spare parts
Prepare the selection of the spare parts required for the good maintenance of the operations of the plant and recommend the needed quality as well as the equivalent parts.

Quality control
Prepare and supervise the criterion of the quality control to ensure of the quality of the work done.

Equipment repairs
Prepare and identify the process to be followed when repairing equipment renovation according to the industry standards.

Equipment implementation
Make recommendations so the implementation is done according to the client’s criterion and the applicable standards.

Work site supervision
Supervision of the work site according to the client’s specifications and request.



Advise the supervisor or the engineer of the tasks he has to accomplish to ensure his autonomy.

Maintenance process
Prepare the employees to accomplish the maintenance tasks according to the standards of the industry.

Manufacturing process
Explain the steps to follow to assemble the different elements of a system with better results.


Health and safety

Deficiency notices
Replies on behalf of the the employer to non-compliance notices issued by Health and Safety inspectors and provides solutions to comply with the standards both for premises and or, work procedures.

Accident inquiries
Participate with on-site employees to eliminate the causes of accidents in order to protect the employees on site as well as the general public.

Perform some health and security inspections to identify the potential risks of accidents.

Risk assessments
Evaluate the seriousness and frequency of the risk according to the standards in health and security, such as machines' safety and other current standards.


Standards Implementation

Evaluate the enforcement of the current manufacturing standards (ISO, CSA, ANSI, ALIE…) and apply them to make the design.

Apply the federal and provincial standards to ensure the firm is respecting the laws and rules applicable.

Refer to the equipment maintenance standards to ensure the reliability of the product.

Site supervision for mechanical projects


Finite element analysis

Technical drawings in 2D/3D on Autocad/InventorPro softwares and the Solidwork platform.

Using the “Cosmos/Simulation” module of Solidwork, GN Solutions is able to perform the following studies: Frequency and buckling, drop tests, thermal simulation test, fatigue analysis and studies on pressurized containers